Company Culture

Vision: in the world to become a respected and trusted companies
< STRONG> Corporate Mission: to create social value
cultural ideas: happiness, the spirit of enterprise to create
: responsibility, innovation, tenacity
core values: employee satisfaction customer satisfaction shareholder satisfaction

" three satisfactory "corporate social responsibility, constitute the essence of corporate culture Changhong.

"three satisfied" that the employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, is the cornerstone of building a harmonious Changhong, between the interests of unity, inter-conditional.

Changhong will be "three satisfaction" established for business purposes, that "employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction", employee satisfaction first. "Three satisfaction" constitute the main interest of the business chain, between the interests of unity, mutually conditional, indivisible. Chang believes that employees are the most valuable asset, the staff is the starting point of the enterprise value chain. Only employee satisfaction, companies can provide the customer satisfaction of products and services; only customer satisfaction, companies have the market to make a profit; only benefit the enterprises, in order to provide returns for shareholders, the shareholders will be satisfied.

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